Hair on Fire

About Us

We came together to do what we love – help you grow. Each of us has our business success and hurdles. As you can see in our bios here, we’ve learned a lot and want to share that with you and help you create an even bigger story.

Sandra Osterman

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Osterman’s career spans 49 years of diverse business operations including Direct Sales, Services, Business Ownership, Manufacturing, Executive Coaching, and Corporate Consumer Packaged Goods – both domestically and in Europe.

Her innate business acumen has allowed her to overcome business trend changes and otherwise devastating events, such as a company-crippling fire and job loss. Proven agile thinking and quick-pivot ability enable her to distill potential client needs and develop successful strategies in a variety of industries.

Sandra and her husband are based in Fort Wayne Indiana. Her flaming red hair is the inspiration for the Hair on Fire name and logo.

Buster Arnwine

Chief Advisor

Buster has a diverse background encompassing multiple functions, various billion-dollar brands and an array of customers across his 21-year career in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

He brings leadership and management experience from supply chain, sales, marketing, trade marketing, finance, and innovation perspectives.

Buster has a passion for creating new things and ideas to build a better tomorrow for all people. His open and curious mind strives to break the status quos and his “Why not?” attitude translates to innovate approaches to bringing your business to success.

He is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. And his hair is grey from being on fire so long learning powerful ways to help small business grow, grow, grow.

Jeremy Waterhouse

Chief Technology Partner

Jeremy has been around technology since the mid-1980’s, building networks and computers since he was yay-high. He comes from a family of computer programmers and technicians. You should hear the Thanksgiving dinner conversations!

In 2002, he began his first full-service computer company. In 2014, he added a website design company to provide cost-effective sites to clients. This evolved into a full-service IT company and he’s served Northwest Arkansas with exceptional IT products, knowledge, support, and well-trained techs for over two decades.

Jeremy is based in Bella Vista, Arkansas. When you meet him you’ll see no hair on his head but you should see the impressive beard he has now.

Business acumen, innovative approaches,  critical technical experience… This is what we bring to the table for you. Let’s talk putting your business in the best position possible technically, digitally and visibly.